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Sunday, May 04, 2003  

Atheist ethics
Why do atheists bother trying to explicate a sytem of ethics? It always ends up as some sort of utilitarianism or game theory type thing that has nothing to do with real moral intuition or experience. For any ethics to be worthwhile, it must explain the idea of justice, which does not lend itself to calculations of consequences. The sense that a certain action may be unfair or unjust does not change by multiplying good consequences ad infinitum. An ethics that tries to account for justice in a serious fashion will get into metaphysics in a way that is anathema to atheists view of things. The metaphysical foundation for justice leads ethics in the direction of objective truth which is not supposed to have anything to do with morality. And then how does one account for truth and it's relation to morality without it drifting into the realm of the spiritual and trans-material? The atheist must resist the passage from truth to Truth, from mind to Mind, conscience to Creator. And so we have game theories and consequentialism which just ignore justice altogether, the dogma of materialism must be protected, reality is to be denied.

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Saturday, May 03, 2003  

God or god?
Why do many web atheists refuse to use the upper case 'G' when spelling God? Isn't it grammatically incorrect to use lower case when spelling the word God? One has to wonder what the big deal is, what would motivate a person to go out of his/her way to go against grammatical convention when it comes to the 'God' word? Don't they know that the upper and lower case 'g' carries no implications as to your position on the existence of the being the word refers to? Are atheists so insecure that they fear other atheists might think them weak for capitalizing a word? Or perhaps it is meant as a petty insult, but to whom, God? God is not supposed to exist so maybe to religious people? This would make more sense, but it indicates that there is much more going on here then simple neutral and objective reason. Most non-religious people have no urge to break grammatical convention. These people do not simply disbelieve in God, they hate religion so desperately as to resort to pathetically juvenile tactics like refusing an upper case 'g' when referring to God. These kinds of atheists would make a fascinating psychological study.

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Friday, May 02, 2003  

Another secular blog
More musing about science and religion at Jeff Muller's jblog. Typical confusion between how science deals with reality vs. how religion deals with it. Science is not an alternative view of the world in opposition to religion, they both complement each other. It's pure ignorance to think that religion is nothing more then a pre-scientific explanation of the world that is now replaced by science. It's apples and oranges.

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